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  • How to install and configure
    Change basic Settings
    WordPress File Structure
    What is difference between Post and Page
    How to configure post settings
    Add categories/Tags
    How to configure for multiuser
    How to make a static home page in WordPress
    Comments Enable/Disable
    Managing different user
    Defining rules for users

  • How to configure custom menu
    How to enable more than one menu in our theme

  • How to install a plugin
    How to modify the plugin
    How to develop a simple plugin
    How to Connect your plugin with database
    How make an advance plugin with Databse/Jquery/css

  • How to change themes
    How to edit the theme from admin
    How to convert XHTML file into WordPress
    How to apply our custom PHP coding into WordPress
    How to develop your own theme
    How to develop a premium theme

  • How to create a custom post type
    How create a an advance custom post with extra meta fields

  • How to develop a shopping cart website using WordPress
    How to configure Payment Gateway in WordPress

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