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Web Design Training

MULTI TECHNO SYSTEMS offers the best Web Design Training in Kolkata . We have both options for Web Design Training in Kolkata Online or classroom training . All faculty at our  Institute are experienced and knowledgeable in this field. Our Web Design course is specially designed for working professionals as well as freshers .

In our Institute we train all our students  individually with attention.In our course we will teach our students basics of web designing html css and covers the advanced mobile friendly boostrap & responsive website designing.

Eligibility to attend Web designing course ?

  •  Student, who is willing to work as Web Designer.
  • If you have basic skills in Photoshop.
  • If you are a Mobile App Designers & Developers.
  • Seo persons with some knowledge in Graphics.
  • Web Designer or Programmer with basic knowledge of html css.

We have an option to provide you Free 2 days Demo class before admission if you are interested.

  • Photo editing
    Photo Mixing
    Creating banners
    Understand filters
    Create website layout
  • Introduction
    Basic Use of CSS
    Formatting the page with CSS
    Understanding DIV
    Make a simple website using DIV/CSS
    Creating menu with CSS
  • Introduction
    Borders,CSS3 Backgrounds
    Color, Gradients, Shadows
    Text Effects, Fonts
    2D Transforms, 3D Transforms
    Transitions, Animations
    Multiple Columns
    User Interface
  • Introduction
    Heading, Paragraph
  • Introduction
    New Elements
    Semantics Elements
    Style Guide
  • Introduction
    Syntax, Selectors
    jQuery Fade
    jQuery Slide
    jQuery Animate
    jQuery stop()
    jQuery Callback
    jQuery Chaining
    jQuery HTML


  • Install and configure
    Understanding Bootstrap Grid System
    Creating rows
    Creating columns
    Creating cells with the grid system
    Make a responsive photo gallery CSS with Bootstrap
    Use bootstrap classes for content, images and learn how to override those styles
    Understanding Bootstrap Components
    Use inbuilt components like navigation, breadcrumbs, paginations, icons, etc.
    Jquery with Bootstrap
    Add JavaScript components like dropdown menus, tooltips, popovers, alert boxes,etc to your pages.


  • CSS Frameworks Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4

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