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  • Introduction of Object Oriented Programming
    Software Evolution
    A Look at Procedure Oriented Programming
    Object Oriented Programming Paradigm
    Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming
    Benefits of OOP
    Object Oriented Languages
    Applications of OOP
  • Tokens, Expressions and Control Statements
    Identifiers and Constants
    Basic Data Types
    User-Defined Data Types
    Derived Data Types
    Declaration of Variables
    Operators in C++
    Scope Resolution Operator
    Memory Management Operator
    Type Cast Operator
    Implicit Conversions
    Operator Overloading
    Operator Precedence
    Control Structures
    Case Studies
  • Classes and Objects
    Defining Member Functions
    A C++ Program with Class
    Making an Outside Function Inline
    Nesting of Member Functions
    Private Member Functions
    Arrays within a Class
    Memory Allocation for Object
    Static Data Members
    Static Member Functions
    Arrays of Objects
    Objects as Function Arguments
    Friendly Function
    Returning Objects
    Case Studies
  • Operator Overloading and Type Conversions
    Defining Operator Overloading
    Overloading Unary Operator
    Overloading Binary Operator
    Rules for Overloading Operators
    Type Conversions
    Case Studies
  • Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
    Pointers to Objects
    This Pointers
    Pointers to Derived Classes
    Virtual Functions
    Pure Virtual Functions
    Case Studies
  • Working with Files
    Classes for File Stream Operators
    Opening and Closing a File
    Detecting end – of –file
    File Pointers and their Manipulations
    Updating File
    Case Studies
  • Exception Handling
    Basics of Exception Handling
    Exception Handling Mechanism
    Throwing Mechanism
    Catching Mechanism
    Re throwing an Exception
    Case Studies
  • Beginning with C++
    Applications of C++
    Structure of C++ program
    A Sample C++ program
    An Example with a class
    Creating a Source File
    Compiling and Linking
    Case Studies
  • Functions in C++
    The Main Function
    Function Prototype
    Call by Reference
    Inline Functions
    Default Arguments
    Function Overloading
    Friend and Virtual Functions
    Math Library Functions
    Case Studies
  • Constructors and Destructors
    Parameterized Constructors
    Multiple Constructors in a class
    Constructors with Default Arguments
    Dynamic Initialization of Objects
    Copy Constructors
    Case Studies
  • Inheritance: Extending Classes
    Defining Derived Classes
    Single Inheritance
    Multi level Inheritance
    Multiple Inheritances
    Hierarchical Inheritance
    Hybrid Inheritance
    Virtual Base classes
    Abstract Classes
    Constructors in Derived Classes
    Case Studies
  • Managing Console Input/Output Operations
    C++ Streams
    C++ Stream Classes
    Unformatted I/O Operations
    Formatted Console I/O Operations
    Case Studies
  • emplates
    Class Templates
    Class Templates with Multiple Parameters
    Function Templates
    Function Templates with Multiple Parameters
    Member Function Templates
    Case Studies
  • Manipulating Strings
    Creating String Object
    Manipulating String Objects
    Relational Operators
    String Characteristics
    Accessing Characters in String
    Comparing and Swapping
    Case Studies