What is WordPress ?

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What is WordPress? A Guide for Beginners

I am sure, you have gone through many WordPress tutorial blogs and obviously, you are here to learn something new and unique about WordPress.

WordPress offers the users a complete dynamic platform to build a website or blog. It’s an open source Content Management System (CMS) which let the developers customize, update or manage the website or blog without any hassle.  Content Management System or CMS is nothing but software to store information in form of text, images, documents etc to make them accessible for the users on the website.

WordPress CMS Platform provides web developers with various sorts of amazing features such as user management, file management. It also allows the developers for modification in actual site views and functionality, the inclusion of plugins to offer custom functions and features etc and much more.

If you don’t have any prior programming knowledge, you can also use WordPress. However, basic PHP training is necessary.

Key benefits of WordPress:

  • WordPress uses the WYSIWYG editor to publish posts from the WordPress control panel. It greatly helps in manipulate the website or webpage layout prior to publishing the web content.
  • WordPress also helps in making your website on page optimized with the help of numerous embedded SEO plugins like Yoast.
  • Developers can easily modify, upload and manipulate the web content as per the need of customization.
  • Lots of creative and dynamic multipurpose themes are also available for the web developers that are also easy to customize by modifying the CSS files.

If you have a keen desire to explore your carrier in a field of web development, you are recommended to learn WordPress if you know PHP. In case you are a newbie, then joining the best PHP training Institute in Kolkata should be the very first step.

How to Learn WordPress?

If you read this blog with full attentiveness, you will get the complete knowledge of WordPress. If you have prior knowledge of PHP and CSS, you can learn WordPress at very less time. If you are a beginner, I will suggest you to first join the PHP Training Institute in Kolkata.

Now, a question will arise in your mind.

Why should I join PHP Training Institute in Kolkata?

I will clear out this. Kolkata is the biggest technological hub in India. You can search thousands of PHP training classes in India, but I am sure after joining the PHP training in Kolkata, you will be able to—

  • Create dynamic and device friendly WordPress website or blog
  • Build a creative and dynamic e-commerce website with WordPress.
  • Use many WordPress Plugins like Yoast, to make your website optimized for search engines
  • Earn money from your home by developing a dynamic WordPress website for your clients in fewer time limits

Why should I join PHP training in Kolkata, if I want to learn WordPress?

This query is very common to all aspirants wishing to learn WordPress.  Various points are valid in this concern—

  • PHP training is necessary because, this makes you aware of some advanced programming concepts like sending emails, chat systems, developing a secure payment gateway, File management, database management other programming concepts to make your website secure from hackers.


  • WordPress provides you an open source platform that makes it convenient for the users to build a website just by drag and drop. But, you should also learn customized designing with the help of JavaScript and JQuery.  From PHP training institute in Kolkata, you can learn all these concepts very soon under the guidance of well expert trainers.


  • All PHP and WordPress aspiring students will get the opportunity to work on live projects. Aspirants from the best PHP training institute in Kolkataalso get global authorized certificates. Soon after getting certification, you can easily get placed in a reputed website development companies in the highest salary package.


The above points make it clear that before learning WordPress you should first join the best PHP training institute in Kolkata.  

How to search the best PHP Training Institute in Kolkata to learn WordPress and PHP?

If you are willing to make your career as a web developer, you can get the brightest future in this field. But you should follow these guidelines if you would like to join the best PHP training in Kolkata.

  • You should make sure for the complete PHP or WordPress course package and duration.
  • Make sure, the PHP Training Institute, you are going to join, is authorized by the local ministry of the education department.
  • You should know about their PHP training experiences and their record of placements in their working tenure.
  • Make sure for the latest WordPress and PHP technologies they would cover in their PHP training session.
  • Make sure they are charging the affordable fee. As per the estimation, a complete PHP or WordPress Training charges may come under the range of Rs 8000-10,000.
  • Majority PHP training Institutes in Kolkata also provide online tutorial classes. You may also inquire about this.


WordPress training and PHP training are the effective steps to explore your carrier as a perfect web developer. You need not have any prior knowledge or experience in any programming language to learn PHP and WordPress. A prominent PHP training institute in Kolkata covers all the concepts necessary to build a dynamic and creative website or blog.

If you are still searching the best place for PHP training in Kolkata, you may call us to join our world-class PHP or WordPress training sessions.  Give wings to your dream and make your carrier as a web developer.



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