Differences between PHP and JAVA programming language


PHP and JAVA both are very popular language for software development.It’s very difficult to compare both language on the basis of theirs popularity.

Difference by Terminology:  

JAVA is count as programming language where PHP is a scripting language.But there are no as such definition of what is scripting language.There some set of rules for both scripting language and programming language.

JAVA is an object oriented language where we can write PHP codes both way using oops or procedural way.

JAVA is based on a platform JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE (JVM). It helps to run JAVA programs on different operating systems such as windows,mac,linux. PHP don’t have any virtual machine but yes It use zend engin.JVM usually store compiled java code as opcode but zend do not have this feature.

Difference between PHP and JAVA for web development :

PHP widely used to build web based applications,with JAVA we can also build j2ee applications for web development.

With java,it takes time to build web applications but with using php it takes very less time to create an web applications.

In java language code standard are  very high where php is easy to understand  for that cause most of startups are choose php to build web applications instead of java.

Java is suitable for more complicated program where php has many restrictions to build complex programming applications.

Popularity of PHP language:

Now days with growing demand of software to build in short time of deadlines php is widely used because it’s easy to learn and use to build software.

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